Our F3 Pomsky Personal Assistants litter turned 8 weeks old yesterday! They were superstars for their vet visit and even the vet, who breeds American Bulldogs, couldn’t help but comment about how absolutely wonderful our Pomskies are.

These pups will be meeting their new families over the next few days and we can’t wait to get pupdates. 8 weeks goes by so fast when you have such amazing pups.

Lyra will stay with us as a potential future momma as we await her DNA test results 🤞🏻💕🐾

Final weigh-ins:

  • Lyra 5.57 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Lasko (Echo) 5.57 pounds charting to be 16-21 pounds
  • Yoko (Bixby) 6.05 pounds charting to be 18-23 pounds
  • Lyla (Siri) 7.70 pounds charting to be 23-27 pounds
  • Roku 8.36 pounds charting to be 25-30 pounds

Thank you for following our pack!

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* Ontario Pomsky Puppies * Keurwood Equestrian

Family farm in-home raised and ethically bred Pomsky puppies. Distinguished sport horse breeding program in unique colours with Olympic pedigrees.